Terms & Conditions

All information enclosed in these terms and conditions is given to the very best of our knowledge and experience, and may be updated or changed subject to the discretion of the directors of Scorpio Chauffeur Cars Ltd.

Hereafter Scorpio Chauffeur Cars Ltd shall be known as “The Company” and the person or persons booking the transport whether verbally, or in writing shall be known as “The Hirer”. It will be deemed that the Hirer accepts responsibility for every person in his/her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:

General Conditions

All vehicles and their chauffeurs are licensed by their respective local authority, and strictly adhere to all rules and regulations that are dictated by that authority and prevailing at that time. Details of these licences are available from the Company on request.

The “Company’s discretion” shall be decided by the Directors of the Company at all times, and their decision(s) will be fully binding in all matters.

Once the Hirer has made a booking and this has been confirmed, the price quoted to the Hirer will not be subject to alteration unless there is any deviation from details of the booking.  However, the Company will not accept responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies resulting from information provided by the Hirer, but will if any such information is bought to our attention, investigate immediately and act upon those findings as soon as practical.


The company can only undertake journeys for the Hirer that have been pre-booked and for which written confirmation has been received from the Company. Bookings will only be confirmed once a written (email or text) request has been sent from the Hirer to the Company. Any special instructions must be confirmed in writing by e-mail direct to the Company at the time of booking. We understand that mistakes and misunderstandings can happen, or that plans change prior to the start of a journey, so the use of e-mail for booking and confirmation provides an essential safeguard for both the Company and the Hirer.

If no confirmation is received within 24 hours of the Hirer’s booking, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to contact the Company.


The Company’s pricing policy can, upon request, be supplied prior to opening an account with the Company. The Company will notify all account holders of any changes to our pricing policy, in writing, 1 calendar month prior to them becoming active.

The company will provide the Hirer with a written quote at the time of booking, but it is the Hirer’s responsibility to agree these prices with the Company before confirming any booking. The Company regrets that we are unable to retrospectively change any prices after the journey has been commenced.

Our minimum rate for any booking is £40.

Where applicable, we will add any additional charges incurred on your behalf to the amount chargeable to the Hirer. This may include, but is not limited to, London Congestion Charging, Car parking or Road Tolls.

Any booking that falls between the hours of 01.00 and 05.00 will be charged at the standard rate plus 50%, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company.

Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be charged at the standard rate plus 100%.

All prices and quotes will be subject to VAT at the current rate.


The Company operates a cancellation policy that strives to be fair to all. We understand that plans change and unforeseen circumstances can arise but also that Drivers may have turned down other work to accommodate your booking. Therefore, please note the following conditions:

  1. If the Company is notified that a booking is cancelled more than 6 hours before the start of the journey, there is no charge UNLESS condition 6 applies
  2. If the Company is notified that a booking is cancelled 3 – 6 hours before the start of the journey, 50 % of the total fare will be charged.
  3. If the Company is notified that a booking is cancelled 3 hours or less before the start of the journey, 100 % of the total fare will be charged.
  4. If a passenger fails to turn up at the pre-arranged time and place within 1 hour and no contact has been made, you will be charged the full fare for the entire booking, including any waiting time incurred.
  5. If a booking is cancelled as our driver arrives, or whilst the driver is waiting in the case of a wait & return booking, the full fare for the entire booking will be charged, including any “un-used” element of the booking.
  6. In the case of multiple vehicle bookings, major sporting or social events (such as Ascot, Wimbledon or Goodwood) or whole day bookings, the Company will charge 100% of the fare if we receive less than 48 hours’ notice and  50% of the fare if we receive less than 5 days’ notice.
  7. All of the above cancellation conditions assume the driver is not already en-route. If that is the case, the full fare will be charged.

Payments & Account Facilities

All journey costs and any other monies due to the Company by the Hirer will, unless prior arrangements have been agreed to in writing, be charged to the Hirers’ main account. Payments can be made by major credit card, online bank transfer, cash or cheque.

For those Hirers with a monthly credit account facility, the Company will issue an invoice during the first week of each month. Our payment terms offer 15 days from the date of the invoice. If these terms are not met, the Company reserves the right to apply a charge that includes interest, late payment charge and if incurred, costs for debt recovery in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

The Company credit facilities are offered at the discretion of the directors and maybe withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Unless previously agreed in writing, NO payments should be made to our driver.

Meet and Greet Service

Airport arrivals are subject to the following terms:

In case of London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports, the company will monitor the flight status for your inbound flight to ensure that the driver arrives to meet you as your plane lands. We allow 45 minutes waiting (commencing at the confirmed actual time of landing). Any additional waiting time is charged at our standard rate for Waiting Time. Parking costs are charged at the same rate incurred by the driver.

In the case of London City, Luton, Stansted and Southampton airports, the Company will dispatch the driver in time to arrive at the scheduled landing time. We will be monitoring the flight status, but in the case of some short haul flights it may not have taken off prior to the driver setting off. In this instance, the 45 minute waiting time commences at the Scheduled landing time, and any further waiting will be charged as above.

Trains and Eurostar are subject to the following terms:

Unless notified of any changes to the booked pickup time by the passenger(s) in advance, the driver will arrive at the nominated meeting place at the scheduled time.  We allow 30 minutes waiting (commencing at the scheduled time of arrival). Any additional waiting time is charged at our standard rate for Waiting Time. Parking costs are charged at the same rate incurred by the driver.

ALL – The company will request a mobile contact number for the lead passenger at the time of booking and will text this number on arrival at the pick-up point (terminal, concourse etc) to advise the passenger of their position. The company will not be responsible for extended waiting or parking charges that may be incurred in the event that the passenger neglects to turn their phone on for any reason.

Our Vehicles & Drivers

The Company reserves the right at any time to change, replace or renew the vehicle(s) or chauffeur(s) booked or advertised in order to maintain the Company’s high standard. The replacement vehicle or chauffeur would be of the same type and standard as originally booked and wherever possible, this will be duly notified to the Hirer.

All our vehicles have a no smoking policy.

The consumption of food or food products within the vehicle(s) is not permitted. The supply of bottled water within each car may only be consumed in the vehicle and must not be removed without the Chauffeur’s consent.

The Hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused both inside and outside the vehicle(s) or to our chauffeur by the Hirer or any members of his/her party, howsoever caused. This includes incitement to any third party, which results in damage to the vehicle or its contents. Where the vehicle requires valeting as a result of the Hirer soiling the interior, a fixed charge of £350 will be applied to cover the cost of both the valeting and the vehicle being out of service for the duration.

The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total retail costs of repair including VAT, and the Company will determine the location of the repairer. In addition, the Hirer will be liable to pay to the Company a fixed daily rate (determined by the Company) while the vehicle or chauffeur is out of commission for such restoration, plus any further incurred losses i.e. lost bookings. Where the Hirer has made payment by credit card for the hire, the Company reserves the right to deduct any costs for damage described above from the credit card given.

Please treat our Chauffeurs with respect. The driver is responsible for the safety of the Vehicle and its occupants. Any Passenger whose conduct the driver reasonably believes to be drunken and disorderly, threatening, abusive, dangerous or in breach of any statutory regulation may be removed from a Vehicle or prevented from boarding. In this event no refund will be given and indeed additional charges may be applied.

 In the event of any extra requests or alterations to the booking (i.e additional pick-up points, change of venues, extended waiting etc. causing extra mileage and time) not made at the time of confirming the booking, the Driver will endeavour to meet these requirements where possible. If such alternations will prevent the driver from continuing onto his next booking, the Company reserves the right to decline such requests or to attempt to source a replacement vehicle to continue “as directed” by the passenger(s). Any such alterations would in most cases involve extra charges being levied on the original quotation.


No responsibility whatsoever can be accepted for any loss incurred by a passenger as a result of unavoidable delays or circumstances beyond our control DURING the journey. Such delays may be caused by:

  • Severe and unexpected adverse weather conditions.
  • Severe and unavoidable traffic congestion such as road traffic accidents or unexpected road closures.
  • Vehicle breakdown or accident occurring with the passenger on board.

In the event of vehicle breakdown or accident during the journey, the Company will make every effort to source another vehicle and driver to transfer the passenger into such that the journey can be continued. In this instance, all reasonable additional costs incurred in completing the journey will be borne by the Company.

Where the Company is aware of possible adverse conditions PRIOR to commencing the journey, we reserve the right to either cancel the booking, advise an alternate time frame for the journey or supply a different Vehicle /Driver to undertake the booking.

The Passenger(s) shall remain responsible at all times for their Luggage & Personal Items and shall ensure that all their Luggage & Personal Items are loaded into the Vehicle prior to commencement of the Service, and unloaded from the Vehicle upon completion of the Service. The Company accepts no responsibility for any loss of / damage to Luggage & Personal Items or consequential losses arising as a result of Luggage & Personal Items which are not loaded to or unloaded from the vehicle.